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Best iPhone RPN Calc by far!

Everything in the subject.


yes this the best calculator !!! totally worth it oui cest la meilleur calculatrice !!! jaime :D

The best

So far the best, specially if you like RPN

Slow loading

Please make it load faster on the iPhone 6. This is a calculator and should load instantly. Maybe getting rid of the splash screen weight can help.

Very Good Calculator

Already PCalc lite gives very good pocket calculator function. The additional functions of PCalc persuaded me to upgrade to the pay version - although its price of 7,99 € feels quite high.

The best serious calculator

I have used PCalc from Day 1, and as a mathematician and engineer can only recommend it for anyone who needs a serious calculator on the iPhone.

Best calculator

This is by far the best calculator in the App Store. Awesome update for iOS 7, too. Go get it.

The best

It simply is the best calculator app in the store. Love it.

Best Calculator I have tried so far

Good. Flexible. Powerful. Ok, an a little pricy.

Ugly icon

The new icon is super-ugly. I dont know what the developers were thinking. Please change back to the old icon.


Best and most flexible calculator and converter out there

Still the best calculator on iOS...

…and to put an end to the 1-star-reviews just because of the new icon: would you also consider a Tesla to be a bad car just because you don’t like its colour? Try keeping things in perspective...

Looks and works really great on iOS 10

PCalc has always been the best calculator app on iOS, and as with all iOS version updates before, it is ready on day one. PCalc works really well with iOS 10. The app looks great and fits right in with iOS, while retaining a distinct character of its own. There is a new today widget for quick calculations, taking full advantage of the changes in iOS 10 The ability to customize the buttons of the calculator to your own needs is a great feature which makes PCalc stand out from other calculator apps. Not only is this extremely useful but also executed very very well. As I already wrote for the iOS 7, 8 and 9 updates, this could have easily been a paid upgrade, and frankly I believe this is overdue. I myself have definitely already gotten a lot more than my moneys worth out of this app.

One Calculator to rule them all!

This is not just a calculator. Its a masterpiece of Software sweating details others never think about, details most never see or use but they are there. The developer just cares about all that alone is worth it.

cannot start the app

it just says "waiting" and nothing every happens.

Has it all

One of the best apps Ive installed on my iPhone so far!

I need help

Where is the decimal-->fraction and fraction-->decimal buttons? Otherwise, awsome app

Best calculator app

PCalc is the best calculator app on the iPhone (and the Mac). Its everything you need and the author is very responsive and open to suggestions on how to make it even better.

The Ultimate Answer

If you want to add 1 + 1, the built-in iPhone calculator will do you fine. If you want do the kind of math that matters -- build things, develop things, define things -- then you need a serious calculator for serious work. PCalc is all that and more. Toss your old HP, and let your PCalc for iPhone do your figuring.

Great scientific calculator

I love having a fully functioning scientific calculator in my pocket. The developer is sooo responsive too. I suggested a 1/x function, explained why it would be a good idea and shortly thereafter it was included in the free version. Then i bought the full version. Worth the $10 to me at least. Thanks a 10 exp6

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